• Gauttam Plastic is a well known and highly trusted name in plastics industry making available a wide range of Plastic Raw Material, Colouring and Compounding solutions to the Plastic industry.
  • Gauttam Plastic has entrenched its name as a Distributors and Supplier of a wide range of Plastic Raw Material, Colour, White, Black Master Batches, Anti-fibrillation/Filler Master Batches, and full range of Additive Master Batches for Plastics Industry under one roof.
  • Gauttam Plastic is one of Asia’s leading Color & Additive Masterbatch & Polymer Compound DistributorS. Incorporated in 2007, the company has been providing an advanced level of solutions to the plastic processing industry’s ever changing and challenging needs.
  • Gauttam Plastic uses the latest technologies from their Mastertbatch Manufactuer in Machinery, R&D, and Materials coupled with a wealth of talent and experience to stay ahead.


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