For effective weight loss the first step is that you should know BMI, extra body weight, excess waist circumference, extra level of Body Fat against normal value of our body. Thus you can compare the progress of weight loss over a time.

Second, we should now our daily calorie need.
Third, thereafter we should know healthy component of our meal (how much protein, fat & sugar we need to fulfil requirement of the body.

Unique feature of this app:

This application helps to provide you all information at one platform, when you enter your height, weight, waist circumference and your daily activity level.

Indian commonly uses both unit of measurement (metric & imperial) in day to day life. Height in feet (imperial unit) & weight in Kg (metric unit). This is unique App as it calculates irrespective of units you enter.

“BMI calculator for Adult” also displays result as your ideal body weight as well as excess body weight.

“BMI calculator for Child” displays result in both percentile & BMI units.

“Body Fat” calculator displays results as ideal body fat as well as excess body fat.

“Calorie calculator” display results of daily calorie need once you select activity level & your weight goal.

“Diet calculator” displays the result in term of how much of this calorie should be from protein, fat & carbohydrates. To get this much calorie, how much (amount) you need to eat, is also displayed by this calculator. So it guides about the amount of healthy food you should consume.

“All in One Calculator” display all three result of BMI, Body Fat & Calorie at one screen. Once you enter parameter like weight & height in first calculator, remaining calculators automatically read these parameters to display result thus its very user friendly app.

This app generates your report in PDF format and you can save it for future reference .

You can also share your report in PDF with family or friends & encourage them.


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